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Server Migration & Downtime

I apologize for the lack of updates and activity on my part, but I am going to work over the weekend to migrate the server to a new dedicated host, implement database record pruning, and updates across all servers for FoE to include all new avatars, Great Buildings, and Worlds.  I will be pausing the daily updates until the work is over and at the point I aim to keep only the previous 6 months of statistics in place with auto pruning done each month.


Database Maintenance (Once Again)

I am working on changing the db structure so that we will not run into issues with updates in the future and a few changes will be made, I am hoping to complete this work during the week and be back up and operational with daily updates by next week.

A few things to note:

  • Only the most recent 6 months of data will be saved for the historical tables.
  • We will continue to only index Great Buildings that are Level 4 and above.
  • Daily updates (every 24h) will resume
  • Only players with 5000 points and above will be indexed.

Sorry for the downtime, but hopefully this will make things run a bit faster and will keep us from having downtime again in the coming year.


Website Updated – New Worlds Added on US, GR, SE, and AR

I have added all missing servers and updated the GB and avatar graphics to the website this morning.  I have also added the new GB to the GB Finder tool.

I am still working on the best way to purge the old data and speed up the database and when that update is started there will be some downtime with the site, but the end result should show a significant performance increase, so please be patient with me as we work through this.


Data Purge

I am currently working on purging that data prior to the rankings re-balance so that the graphs will show progression for current players again since the values are so drastically different within the game now.

There may be a few days where certain servers do not update during this time as it is taking much longer than expected to purge the data and it is causing a few conflicts.

I also plan to get all the current portraits and everything that is missing uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

This time of year I am very busy with work and haven’t had a chance to get much maintenance done on the site so I thank you for your patience.